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Rolex Air King Watch ref. 114234 Black Dial


c.2007 Rolex Air King ref 114234 with black 3,6,9 “explorer” dial. 18K White Gold Fluted bezel. 

This factory configuration isn’t easy to find; usually found as a dial or black without the fluted bezel, but rarely black 3,6,9 with the 18K bezel. 

34mm…no its not too small for you :) give it a couple years and a lot more people will look for a classic diameter watch. 

Fun watch to own. It’ll def spark conversation and you’ll prof get “I like youre Explor….” a lot. 

Comes in generic box with one extra link. Watch is sized for approx. 6.75” wrist and can be size up to approx. 7.25” with link and clasp mirco-adjustment. 

Bracelet and clasp have some scuffs. I did ‘em for ya so you don’t have to. Sapphire crystal has one tiiiiiiiny scuff. It doesn’t matter and you probably won’t notice  But I have to say it  



Rolex ashtray not for sale.

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